Hipster gone full circle.

Or so that’s what my husband said when I said I was going to start writing a blog. The definition of a hipster is a subculture stereotypically composed of young adults who reside primarily in gentrified neighbourhoods. So if by ‘gentrified neighbourhoods’ he means the small village in the North East of England, so be it! Or maybe he is talking about the relationship to indie music, if so he has hit the nail on the head and hipster is indeed the pigeonhole I reside.

My relationship to music, travel and the struggles I have as an independent woman suffering with anxiety are just a few of the subjects I am going to be exploring. You see, I’m doing this for me.

I live the life of a flight attendant, a wife and the mother of a beautiful border collie. My life zips from 1-100mph. One day I will be sitting in a starbucks in Chicago, alone and deep in my thoughts, next I will be at home, jet lagged, and trying to be domestic. All the while my head is still going wild; planning, preparing, procrastinating and most annoyingly worrying about things so far out of reach its senseless. Basically I just need to find a way of expressing myself and I want to learn to do that in the best way I can.

I got the idea from The Bold Type on Prime, if you haven’t seen it… watch it. Tiny Jane has inspired me to write, and to write truthfully.

Thanks Tiny Jane, let’s give this a go.

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